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was anyone gonna tell me loona was a GROUP and not one person or was i supposed to find out myself

im probably gonna be finishing the semester with 2 A's and 2 B's im happy :rei:

Sorry for neglecting Joe again I’ve had school and I’ve been in a bad depressive rut ily all tho 🥺

Should I go get McDonald’s I’ve been cleaning all day and I think I’ve earned it

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pov youre my neighbor and its 5:32 am and you hear me scream over anime boy

Me: *owns a giant Rei omanju which was expensive*
Me: *puts popcorn bowl on it*

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hatterene beats the shit out of me because i start crying whenever i watch bumblebee (which is like twice a weekh

self insert 

Help my family has been arguing abt politics all thanksgiving

dr in the screenshot 

I woke up at 2 and it’s 4:30 I’ve only been awake for 2 and a half hours

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